Below are testimonials from past finalists on the impact the contest has had on their business and the importance of restroom hygiene.
“Thanks to the contest, we have seen an increase in business despite the continuing poor economic situation here in Alberta. Even on the days profits don't increase the extra attention has a positive impact long term. At least a couple times a day someone will refer to the award. Every day we have new customers coming in to check out the restrooms along with many returning customers as well. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive reviews, which makes both us and the town of Whitecourt very proud. No matter the business it is a unique distinction being recognized for a typically overlooked aspect of the customer experience. In our line of business (retail/convenience) that is especially so. In our situation we had a ton of support from the local community so it was a lot of fun seeing the excitement around our business and the award.”
Landon Hommy, owner of the Whitecourt Esso Super Station in Whitecourt, Alberta - 2016 Canada’s Best Restroom Winner.
"Wow, what an exciting and amazing contest to have been a part of. When we designed the ladies washroom at Shaw Club Hotel, our vision was to create a lavish loo, that was edgy, fun, and memorable, and I can't think of a better way to be recognized for achieving this vision than with the annual Cintas Best Restroom Contest. We are thrilled and honoured to have been recognized as the very Best Bathroom in the country, and feel very fortunate to have been able to participate throughout this irreplaceable journey. We have had an unbelievably positive response after the announcement, and have been blessed with coverage from numerous media channels across the country. Daily we are delighted to have guests stop in simply to check out the ladies room after hearing of the news, and not just ladies. It appears men have a real taste for style and radiance too. Our entire experience throughout the contest was a dream come true, from the dedicated team of professionals at Cintas who were there every step of the way, to the 11,000 online votes we received from around the globe. It's very humbling and rewarding to know that our guests appreciate our commitment to providing a clean yet unique experience and to have received this award. We are excited about our grand prize of $2500 in Cintas services. I would highly recommend this contest to all businesses, and we challenge you to think outside the box, and provide guests with an unforgettable experience. Thank you to the entire Cintas Team."
- Jason Baumgartner, Sales and Marketing Manager, The Shaw Club Hotel & Spa, 2014 Best Restroom Winner

"Cintas' Best Restroom competition was a great experience to have been part of. It allowed us to showcase our restroom and display what we are trying to achieve in the way of providing customers with a high level service. The competition provided us with a level of media coverage and publicity we never thought we would have received, from the radio interviews, to the TV news channels covering the competition, to newspapers coverage. This publicity has helped us market our business in new ways. We have had an increase in customers because of the award and publicity.

Personally, the people with Cintas were very easy to work with and very helpful. They provided us with marketing material and ideas. I would highly recommend other businesses to take part in the competition; it was an amazing experience and created so much excitement for customers and the staff."
- Blake Sparks, General Manager, Valleyview Super Station, 2013 Best Restroom Winner

"The publicity and media coverage that follows this contest is a refreshing surprise. It brought some attention to our restaurant's design elements. This contest draws the attention of a variety of media personnel and creates local excitement in the nominated cities."
- Samantha Kuhn, e11even, 2011 Best Restroom Winner
"It was a lot of fun being a part of the contest. If another business person were to call and ask my opinion of the contest I would highly recommend them getting involved. Our local newsprint, radio and television media all embraced the contest. It goes to show a business of any size can participate... our car dealership competed against some big business in Canada. It was a rewarding effort put forth by our ladies and it was a totally positive experience for our business. As a result, my advice for future contestants would be to go with it and have some fun!"
- John McBean, Vice President, David Morris Fine Cars Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, 2011 Best Restroom Finalist
“We certainly had a peak in interest from customers who heard or read about the Award and were interested in checking out the restrooms at our various locations."
- Christy Murphy, Marketing Director,
Cactus Club, 2010 Best Restroom Winner



Christina Alvarez
Survey Editor, Cintas Canada’s Best Restroom® Contest

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