1. How do you take care of your own restroom?

You can almost eat off the surfaces in my restroom!
It’s all good unless the mirror’s dirty.
I clean the restroom daily while doing laundry and running the dishwasher.
Umm … That’s not important as long as cellphone reception is good.
You mean you have to clean the restroom??

2. When you wash your hands…

You’re supposed to wash your hands?
Sometimes I’m busy talking and I forget.
I use a little soap, a little water, grab a towel, and off I go.
I wash well, reapply moisturizer, check myself in the mirror and smile.
I wash hands, wrists, and forearms for three minutes, air dry and don’t touch the doorknob.

3. When it comes to your smartphone…

I never take out my phone in the restroom. It might get dirty.
I have more important things to do in the restroom. What if my hair’s a mess?
I update Facebook, review my grocery list and play a game or two.
I will stay in the restroom as long as I want. You can’t rush some things.
I never miss the opportunity to chat!

4. If you go into a public restroom with a friend…

I never talk in a public restroom; I might catch something!
I’m too busy using the restroom to talk.
I will only talk if it’s someone really important.
I talk with only friends, my boss, or my family.
I can talk to anybody, anytime about anything anywhere!

5. When you're in front of the mirror…

I rarely even think about the mirror. I would rather get out of there.
There’s a mirror in the restroom?
I check myself out, make adjustments, send an email and then get back to work.
I like to chat with the other people at the sink.
There’s just never enough time to appreciate how gorgeous I am!

6. When it comes to singing in a public restroom…

I never make a peep. Too weird to sing around strangers!
If there’s no one to talk to, I sing – Italian operas sound wonderful with the echo in there.
I like a tune or two: “Whistle while you work” is my favorite!
I never sing unless there’s a paying audience.
I sing but can’t carry a tune in a bucket!