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Cintas’ America’s Best Restroom® Contest makes headlines each year as some of the nation’s largest media outlets feature articles, photos and video footage of the top nominees and the winner!
"We initially decided to participate because we knew it would be a low effort project (since Cintas is actually running the PR efforts) that might get our name out there in ways that we haven't been before. We also thought the voting would get our staff, Museum members, and visitors fired up. We ended up with much more publicity than I originally imagined. Multiple crews were in the building the week of the announcement and I was flooded with requests for interviews and photos. When we were announced as winner, I was surprised to see those same crews out to cover us again, because in Chicago, we usually get one shot--even if news changes slightly, they will not cover you again. This however was different and we were flooded again with requests for info."
- Emily J. Waldren, Public Relations Manager, The Field Museum, 2011 Winner
"The publicity from this contest is exceptional. Not only does it create national visibility of your venue or company, it creates pride in the work you put into your restrooms and sanitation. A contest like this shows your customers that you truly care about their experience. Take advantage of the opportunity at hand, it will lead to great things in the future!"
- Mark Mustacchio, Vice President, Don's Johns, Inc., 2011 Finalist
Award Winning Restrooms: The search is on for America's top toilet. Public bathrooms might not be a polite conversation starter, but everyone uses them and they're big business.
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