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While most people would likely characterize their trip to the restroom as a fairly unremarkable experience, we at Cintas think it should be unforgettable! Have you seen a unique, impressive restroom? Maybe it’s elegant, eclectic or downright quirky. As long as it’s immaculate, inviting and, most of all, memorable, it’s fair game!

The reality is that restrooms matter to the public. How a business maintains its facilities is a reflection of a business’ commitment to customer service.

Now, a growing number of companies are going the extra mile to create the most memorable restrooms imaginable, and we are recognizing those establishments with Cintas Canada’s Best Restroom® award. An extension of the highly successful America’s Best Restroom® Awards, Cintas is on a mission to locate Canada’s porcelain pioneers who are taking dramatic steps to create unforgettable facilities.

Watch the video below to see past winners and learn more about the Cintas Canada’s Best Restroom® Contest.

The Cintas Canada’s Best Restroom® Contest is a great way to promote your own business, or bring some recognition to one of your favourite establishments.

“Winning the title of Canada’s Best Restroom has brought a lot of attention to e11even. e11even is known for its exceptional food and extensive wine program, and now it is known for the thought and quality we have placed into every aspect of our restaurant design. Canada’s Best Restroom has raised awareness of our restrooms and its detailed design. We noticed a large portion of our guests take an immediate interest in the restrooms. With the media coverage we definitely saw a rise in guests looking for this feature during their visit to e11even.”
– Samantha Kuhn, e11even

“I initially heard about the Cintas Canada’s Best Restroom Contest in 2010. When we were named a finalist in 2011 the girls in our dealership were so excited! There were four to six women on our staff who regularly participated in ensuring everything was up to standard and some participated in the media attention, such as interviews, that we received. Our customers who knew we were involved always responded positively to the attention. I also had inquiries from non customers about our participation and I am sure some people have come into the dealership just to see what the fuss was all about. I even have had some people say they would drop by sometime in the future just to see our bathroom!”
– John McBean, Vice President, David Morris Fine Cars Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta

“Participating as a finalist in the 2nd annual Cintas Canada’s Best Restroom Contest was a good experience for Allstream Centre. We received positive publicity which was beneficial to our venue. The 2011 Cintas Canada’s Best Restroom Runner-up Plaque is on display in our washroom to spotlight the recognition we received and our team typically highlights Allstream’s participation in the Contest during site tours at our facility. We would encourage other venues to participate in the Contest and take advantage of the free publicity and marketing opportunities that it offers.”
– Laura Purdy, Director of Sales & Marketing, Allstream Centre