Hall of Fame

2023 – Hard Bean Brunch Co. (Port Moody, B.C.) Port Moody, B.C.

Individual, gender-neutral stalls are framed in bright, yellow trim with matching signature yellow doors in this popular brunch spot’s washrooms. Painted navy blue with sleek, black or white tile sits below fun palm leaf wallpaper with a pink and navy theme. Each fully enclosed stall is equipped with a sink for full privacy. Don’t forget to check yourself out in the LED backlit mirror before getting back to brunching.

2022 – Majesty and Friends (Edmonton, Alberta) Edmonton, Alberta

Majesty and Friends’ motto is “FUN, FUN, FUN,” so their washroom needed to offer the happiest vibes. The bright mural was inspired by the happiest treat on earth – ice cream. The flooring is Atra Flooring from Liverpool, and the sprinkles are made by Urban Walls. Their building at Manchester square is the biggest Instagrammable spot in Edmonton. Pink toilet paper and a cherry brush? Yes, please! With sprinkles!

2021 – Borden Park Edmonton, AB

Designed by gh3, the washrooms are at the core of the single-level pavilion surrounded by highly reflective glass. An integrated approach to environmental sustainability is evident in the choice of materials: wood, concrete and glass were selected for their durability, permanence and timelessness. The washroom features hands-free elements to reduce germs and a stainless-steel trough-style sink that prevents water splashing on the floor. The sleek washroom stands as a striking improvement on the typical concrete options, and a sign of outstanding design to come.

2020 – Westview RV Park Wetaskiwin, AB

The washrooms at the Westview RV Park recently underwent a major makeover. Westview wanted to give its customers the five-star treatment and make them feel comfortable while staying at the park. The epoxy floors are textured for less slips and rounded corners were created for ease of cleaning. Meanwhile, concrete countertops and fancy tile make these the most unbelievable campground washrooms anywhere.

2019 – Beaverhill Shell Lac la Biche, Alberta

The washrooms at Beaverhill Shell were designed with the comforts of its customers in mind. Unlike conventional rest-stops, they feature luxurious details throughout. Clean lines like herringbone-patterned wall and floor tile, paired with sleek wall sconces, shining chandeliers and large, decorative mirrors create a modern, yet rustic look. Meanwhile, simple details like relaxing artwork and warm, wooden stall doors make the washrooms stand out. The Beaverhill Shell washrooms create a new rest stop experience and raise the standard of gas station bathrooms.

2018 – St. Albert Honda St. Albert, Alberta

The St. Albert Honda washrooms feature an accent wall intended to represent the revolutions per minute (RPM) meter in a vehicle and the redline effect. The revving restrooms promote convenience and cleanliness with specialty fixtures, such as touchless faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers, towel dispensers, automatic air fresheners and deluxe baby change stations in both female and male washrooms. The hands-free “stepNpull” door opener ensures contact with door handle germs is avoided when exiting the washrooms. Once outside, guests can use a conveniently located touchless hand sanitizer for an added touch of cleanliness.

2017 – Bayview Shopping Centre Toronto, Ontario

Bayview Shopping Centre guests are welcomed with chic chandeliers at the restroom entrance. Its washrooms feature fully enclosed stalls, each with its own touch free toilet, faucet and hand dryer. There is a nursing room equipped with a changing station and sink, as well as two cushioned chairs. The washrooms also include stylish sconces on both sides of its classy hand washing basins.

2016 – Whitecourt Esso Super Station Whitecourt, Alberta

Decorative lighting mounted overhead immediately catches your eye in these restrooms along the Alaska Highway. The men’s restroom features brown monochrome design paired with decorative wall tiles, giving this modern restroom a classy look. The combination of straight and curve edges on the countertops creates an interesting piece of art. Meanwhile, white subway and mosaic tiles give the women’s space a sleek and clean feel. Decorative sconces and ornate carved mirrors are perfectly placed along the walls to add a final touch of elegance.

2015 – 1000 Islands Duty Free Lansdowne, Ontario

Travellers leaving Canada and heading back to the United States often make this washroom their last stop before crossing the border. This Duty Free Shop gives customers a “swell farewell” with their clean and inviting restroom, that’s incredibly well designed. The store boasts great deals on merchandise and a friendly spot for families to freshen up on their way home. It’s even advertised on their website.

2014 – Shaw Club Hotel & Spa Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Style and radiance come together in this lavish loo. Upon entering the ladies’ room, guests are greeted by a modern glass infinity sink and simple stainless steel fixtures. The stalls feature large glass doors which fog up for privacy when the door is locked! Here’s the science behind it: sandwiched between the two panels of glass is a mixture of polymer and liquid crystals. A constant electrical current keeps the crystals in line and the glass transparent. But when the door handle is locked, the current is stopped, the crystals fall, and the glass looks clouded. A picture of sophistication, Shaw Club and Hotel & Spa delivers five-star style with every flush.

2013 – Valleyview Shell Super Station Valleyview, Alberta

Tapped in 2010 as the Best Green Store, the Valleyview Shell Super Station was awarded the top honour by Convenience Store Magazine for its geo-thermal heating and cooling technologies. In 2012 this road warrior’s retreat underwent a second round of renovations – this time to the women’s washroom – that garnered rave reviews. Solid alder wood doors with privacy glass panels were installed. To give the ceiling a finish to match, alder wood tongue and groove boards were mounted overhead. Recessed lights accentuate the tiled walls, which are divided by a stripe of smaller stone accents, giving this space a bright, clean feel. The sleek granite countertops and automatic stainless steel fixtures in the washroom offer an attractive balance to the warm tones of the Travertine floor tiles. Ornate carved mirrors and sparkling Victorian style semi-flush mount chandeliers finish off the space by adding a final touch of elegance.

2012 – Langley Street Loo Victoria, British Columbia

The Langley Street Loo is applauded for its open design, offering the optimal balance of personal privacy and public access. It features a unisex toilet, exterior hand washing station, graffiti proof coating, and a lit sign that makes it easy to find at night. This ready-made stainless steel facility is fully accessible for people with disabilities. The Langley Street Loo was purchased from the City of Portland, Oregon, in 2011 for $90,000 and is maintained throughout the day by the City’s sanitation crew.

2011 – e11even Toronto, Ontario

e11even’s contemporary and spacious washrooms were designed by members of the world renowned New York design firm, The Rockwell Group. The luxury and intimate ambiance of the restaurant was infused into the washrooms where guests are able to relax and indulge in a private space with finishes such as rich marble tiling from floor to ceiling, modern sink basins, elegant mosaic tile accents and hygienic Toto Washlets.

2010 – The Cactus Club Cafe Vancouver, British Columbia

Upon visiting the washrooms at the Byrne Road Cactus Club, it becomes quite evident that comfort is king. Features include padded furniture, televisions, Solus Concrete wall tiles, smoked glass floor-to-ceiling stall doors and hardwood walls.