2018 Best Restrooms

2018 Best Restroom Winner

2018 – St. Albert Honda St. Albert, Alberta

The St. Albert Honda washrooms feature an accent wall intended to represent the revolutions per minute (RPM) meter in a vehicle and the redline effect. The revving restrooms promote convenience and cleanliness with specialty fixtures, such as touchless faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers, towel dispensers, automatic air fresheners and deluxe baby change stations in both female and male washrooms. The hands-free “stepNpull” door opener ensures contact with door handle germs is avoided when exiting the washrooms. Once outside, guests can use a conveniently located touchless hand sanitizer for an added touch of cleanliness.

2018 Finalists

Saskatchewan Science Centre

Regina, Saskatchewan


Toronto, Ontario

Erin Mills Town Centre

Mississauga, Ontario

Anh and Chi

Vancouver, British Columbia