2020 Best Restrooms

2020 Best Restroom Winner

2020 – Bancroft Park Colorado Springs, CO

What citizens always want in parks is a restroom that’s clean, which is why the Bancroft Park self-cleaning restrooms is the perfect solution. The facility holds three restrooms, including an ADA-compliant option, and each comes with green, red and yellow lights to show availability. Soap, water, toilet paper and a dryer are all activated with the wave of a hand. The restrooms are set up to self-clean after every 30 uses, and a park maintenance supervisor is alerted via an app when toilet paper or other supplies are running low

2020 Finalists

The Guild Hotel

San Diego, CA

Swift’s Attic

Austin, TX

Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts

Scottsdale, AZ

Portland Japanese Garden

Portland, OR

Kimpton Muse Hotel

New York, NY

Greeley Square Park

New York, NY

Gaslight Bar & Grill

Cincinnati, OH

DFW Airport

Dallas, TX

AirTrain JFK’S Jamaica Station

New York, NY